The heart is the first feature of working minds (sogoodornogood) wrote in tee_stencilry,
The heart is the first feature of working minds

hey there. i'm vivian and i've been stenciling for awhile and i hope this community goes well. there's a lot of beginning stencilers out there that need a place to go, and blablabla i like the idea etc..
so yeah. i really hope this

for anyone getting started, i highly reccomend

yeap. if anyone needs help with anything, feel free to ask!

and here's some old stuff you mighthave seen before, but it's just kinda to let you know who i am, yeah?
sorry no knew pics, just consider it my stenciling history even though not everything is here, heh.
hopefully i'll lots more done in these two weeks off from school!!!!! <33

first thing i ever made:

um last october maybe?

last may

star wars premiere!

going away present done uber fast:

Image Hosted by

um inauguration day:

look at my craft journal aberrant_viv for closeups and stuff. ill hopefully make a big update later this week.
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