alliswan11 (alliswan11) wrote in tee_stencilry,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. After being inspired by so many of you, I finally got myself some fabric medium and blank shirts to play with. Here's my first try at stenciling...
First try ever (hey, I like to go big or go home haha):

Bit blurry, but it shows the whole design:

Bit clearer:

Money shot:

White paint+colored shirts=time consuming...

And one more:

I used the freezer paper method which I freakin LOVED but it does suck that it's one-time use only. Cutting out the wing design took forEVER and if I wanted to do it again I'd have to basically start all over. It would be nice to have a more-than-one-use stencil, but I had a lot of trouble with bleeding edges using anything else. Next up I want to try using bleach to destroy the shirt a bit before stenciling an image on, but since bleach makes me physically ill I'm holding off for now. I'd love feedback and constructive criticism!
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