ultra_manic (ultra_manic) wrote in tee_stencilry,

help with brushes

I did a really quick star stencil on my shirt last night before I went out.  I apparetnly was in such a rush to get ready and go I forgot to rinse my brushes off and now they are rock hard and they've been soaking in water all day and it's not doing any good.  I'm new to all this so is there a cleaner or preferably something around the house (i'm strapped for cash) that I can use to get the paint off??? It's regular fabric paint.  And just so this isn't a text only post here is the only pic I have of the shirt where you can kinda see the star on my boob. 


It's probably not relevant here but I also made the hair, the zebra print armband, and the fishnet armband on my other arm that you can barely see.  All done in about an hour, and I'm definatly going to add more to this tee cuz i love it.

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